Friday, February 11, 2011

When the night is young,

Orientation was over like since last week, and it was really awesome. I kinda didnt regretted going for it in the end after having to go through the interview and training and stuffs but it was really fun. Skipped lessons of cos which i find it really hard to catch up. But of course we were more fortunate as orientation this year was shorter due to the clash with CNY. OG ppl are the more energetic ones, but still my CTG ppl were fun too. Jam and hop as the finale was a success since it didnt rain. I kinda enjoyed this year's orientation more than when i was in J1. Prolly cos i wasnt really into orientation last year. But basically the feeling of and OGL was really different.

Anyway CNY is almost coming to an end. Its kinda boring this year cos we had to keep it low profile. But what i enjoyed the most was simply the gatherings and reunion dinners i had with my family :D School has been a bitch as always. Homeworks and stuff that are never ending. CVD is coming soon too, what a waste of time.
Anyway happpy birthday mummy! (inserts many hugs and kisses! )

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