Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to sch

School has started like not long ago and its killing me!! Especially at this point of time. Sundays becomes my homework day. Cant believe im blogging when ive got half of my homework not done yet. School is crazy since orientation has started been waking at at 4 45am in the morning to reach school at 6 30am. Nonetheless, Orientation was fun. I've been missing out in school alot. Took mc on tue and orientation took up thurs and fri. Someone kill me please! How am i going to catch up! Gonna spend my CNY at home catching up on my studies since celebrating is not possible for me this year. Anyway, i still look forward to cny eve for reunion dinner (:

OG 14 was awesome! Was fun working with germaine, jian quan and jolander. Day two was much better anyway. Tmr will be the new CTG i hate to break the ice all over again but then i hope it will be fun. Orientation is the only time jc students can enjoy in their entire jc life!
oh did i mention OG 14 got 2nd for best OG out of the 26 others? So proud of myself and them of course :X Didnt really took a full picture with them cos we were rushing.

OG 14 FTW!
Till then! seeya!

Some random day in some LT,

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