Monday, January 10, 2011

Side track a little

First day of school is just boring, nothing special, just like another random day, just that i still dread going to school. Still the same old teacher i dislike. Other than that everything is fine.

Well, back to the point, last year about this time I've gotten back my olevels. That nervous and panic that i will never forget. But when we reach school, most teachers seemed to be smiling so widely which gave us a good sign. I wonder how did my juniors did. But I guess they should be doing alright. Have you gotten what you expected? Well for me, definitely more than what i expected. But after awhile you still will have that little regret like ' It should be better' or 'If only i got just one more point less' but yeah just be contented with what you have. Even with a little regret, i still felt contented with my results. Whatever it is, im still a year 2 college student doing my alevels this year.

Ha! So wish me luck! Anyway i hope you guys did well okay! (:

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