Friday, January 7, 2011

Day two - Duper long post ahead

Well day two is one of my favourite days in japan cos daddy's another friend, Konishi San, plan very well for us today. Also daddy's friend children were either my age or a little older and they speak english! Both Sawa Chan the younger sis and Shotaro Chan the older brother. Basically, the second and fourth day were my favourite days there so more pictures for these days! :D Supposed to go to some amusement theme park that day but it snowed/rained heavily on the highway so we may be stuck in traffic jam. However that day wasnt that bad after all. Went alot of places and of cos ate good food too! heh! Seriously food in japan is super yummy!
  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Konoshi San and children picked us at the hotel
  • Went to some pretty beach
  • Fukuoka tower about 100m high, super nice view up there
  • Yahoo Stadium, mainly for baseball, Hawks is fukuoka's team
  • Some park with many many seagulls and pigeons PRETTY!!!
  • Ramen and gyoza for lunch! best i've ever eaten!!
  • Took train to a very fukuoka most popular shrine to pray, waited about 2 hours before getting to pray. oh did i mention we have to wash our hands before praying
  • Tea ceremony at their grandma's place, with strict rules but nice experience and also meeting up with Konishi San's wife and their youngest daughter Saki Chan
  • BBQ!!!! for dinner!!!!! Best ive ever eaten again. Shotaro Chan did all the bbq-ing. Mum say that dinner prolly cost about 500 plus. Food super yummy!!!!
  • They sent us back to the hotel
  • That sums up day two!! :D

Still blur looking in the morning>some park!
Us!>Super nice view by the sea
Sawa Chan, Me, Sis, Shotaro Chan> Daddy's friend
Mummy!> Fukuoka tower
Outside yahoo's baseball stadium
Inside the huge stadium > Some other park
super nice view> seagulls!

Park again > Freaking nice gyoza!!!!!!! Miss it alot!
Hakata ramen!! niceee! > mochi and tea
Erm looking at ducks :X > duper long queue to shine> Buy train tickets
Tea ceremony> FOODDD!
After tea ceremony > Shotaro Chan, Saki Chan, Sis, Me, Sawa Chan

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