Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day one Japan , Fukuoka (Hakata)

Japan trip was kinda amazing! A whole new experience since its the ever first trip we went on free and easy. Not so much of free and easy cos daddy had japanese friends who arranged stuffs for us there. Trip was short but sufficient, felt quite bad cos its their new year celebration and we took up most of their time. I've realised that japan ppl hardly speak english, so we did funny actions to communicate while we were alone. Thank god most of the time daddy's friends were there. Well, japan is really CLEAN despite little dustbins available, even toilets of the most wulu places. People there are really really polite. I practically ate good food everyday, probably gained some weight. Since i've decided to blog about it, i shall start with day one.
  • Took SIA to japan, midnight flight
  • Had bad plane sick, esp the landing part
  • Daddy's friend Morri San and his family picked us up at the airport
  • Snow only on day one, a little but since its rare to snow there we were glad
  • Went to a temple to pray, throw a coin, clap twice, bow twice, clap twice again, bow once more and make a wish.
  • Ate mochi after praying, went to several shopping centres
  • Had tempura for lunch, got to buy food ticket before entering.
  • Rest at hotel before heading out for good dinner. Yums!
  • End of day one! (:

snow covered japan> mummy & me at temple> Morri San's family

Family (L) > Tempura restuarant> sis

Sashimi>yummy fishy> food

Salad> hakata famous food> eating eating eating in traditional room

Thats the end for day one, blog about day two soon. One of my favourite days of the trip.

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