Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well, time flies and today is the end of the year. Surprisingly i manage to pass this year with a happy ending. Kinda tough year for me, with new environment and stuff. In year 2010, I..

Enjoyed my long holidays after olevels > got higher than my expectations for olevels > however did not manage to get into a school i wanted > got kinda disappointed > entered yj > met new friends > met the worst teacher > got used to the environment > changed to a sports cca > miss dancing > mug really hard > flunk block test despite all the hard work > couldnt really cope with school work > 'first year' > mad study for promo > my great grandma's passing > my birthday presents > completed pw and alevel chinese > did much better for promos and of cos got promoted > enjoyed my holiday > worked > Xmas

To end this year and to the new year, i would be going japan, midnight plane today. 2011 may be a tougher year though, so i wish for happiness for everybody!!! :D

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