Monday, December 20, 2010

Season's Greetings!

Been out lately kinda neglected my studies too much. Should get back on track or else i may resort studying on the plane two weeks later. Should stay at home more and study naooooo!
Anyway, went out with gina last friday, she collected her camera then we went to town. Walked around looking for stuffs. I only remember siting down alot cos my leg was full of blisters! Had dinner at cine and i went home early!

Christmas is coming! I wanna send santa a wishlist cos ive been really good this year! ( i guess ) I wish for many presents and happiness this christmas! Im feeling greedyyyyy.
super cool camera (have you fixed it? LOL)
Matching wedges, haven worn them for ages!

EPIC!!!! somewhat candid look at my fingers!

Pictures with yx another day soooon! Sucks to be blogging when the connection between my laptop and phone isnt working! Seeya!

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