Friday, February 18, 2011


ITS FINALLY FRIDAY! & I've just finished my physics quiz online. So tired of school already. Everyday has been the same for rushing homework and studying. Next week gonna be another hectic week. Well, from the pictures, I finally met the sisters after a long long long time. Couldnt meet them in the holidays cos everyone was busy. Anyway, yx couldnt make it on that day either. Met them for dinner at city hall, did some catch up with them. We just ate dinner since we met quite late the other day but its better than nothing. They (esp the two, gina and sera )took my phone to camwhore and unfortunately, my phone is having problem to connect to the comp so its actually very troublesome for me to transfer all the photos. I try to find a solution asap okay?
I've got two test this coming week, i think. WTS.
But on the brighter side, im meeting yx tmr, i hope, haven seen her for a long long time! :D

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