Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Apparently im blogging since i HAD to on my comp to check some school stuffs and idk why i cant get it done. My GP homework that i had to print is like 13 pages and i dont have enough ink!! Attire check is totally bullshit okay, with a bias teacher, nth good gets out of it. Only teacher i totally didnt want to give any respect to, yes i hold grudges but i bet you do too. My homework is as much as ( inserts some super exagerated stuffs) and its only the beginning of the week! Whats more CVD is this sat. Oh man this has been like a complaining session for me.

Last sat, I finally met chia yun xin!! I haven met yx for like ages!! We went to FLB flea and i seriously think its worth the squeezing among the crowd. We bought lots of stuffs and eventually got broke that we had to really consider what to eat for dinner!! But we both are like super happy on that day cos we bought stuffs that we like :D Hang out awhile on the esplanade rooftop cos someone forgot to bring her keys, but the scenery is really really pretty!

Some super nice caucasian guy who took the initiative to help us take this photo :D

We were desperately trying to take the scenery at the back!

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