Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am happy.

School holidays are nearing! So are promos too! >< Anyway, teachers day was a few days ago. Freaking pissed lah. I think my school is filled with teachers who only cared about themselves. Had sch event and lessons for that day and I didn't get to go back to amk. Freaking heartless school. And I heard that ms chin is not going to teach soon :( real soon :( that makes me pissed times 2! Should had skipped school that day!

So cross country wasn't that bad apart from me being pissed off. I was walking with Germaine. (: Went chomp chomp with Ethel and Germaine plus their you know who heh! I ate many stuff cos someone was a big eater you know :X and once again I took the wrong bus but lucky not alone the other one was blur too! Idk what's wrong with me lost my sense of direction.

I've got some pictures, shall post them another day. Am still pissed with my heartless sch. I don't care if anyone see this. (:


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