Saturday, September 11, 2010

When school's out,

Ive spend my week doing work, came to realised that i haven started studying yet.
Bunch of homework keep me wasting my whole week on doing it. Especially econs, idk why she spam us with essays, its not like i know how to do. I probably end up with comments like, " too short for a 15 marks essay pls put in more effort." It's like .!@#$#@#%%! I bloodly redo my essays for like a couple of times can. I cant be bothered anymore. F promos!

Anyway, i've been out studying or rather doing ass homeworks, the whole week, and i finally met up with chia yun xin on thursday :D thursday was like, Sch>Novena>Centrepoint>Taka>Novena>Home. Had texas chicken for lunch, we totally wasted our money. I rushed a few essays too when we were studying. We went novena twice to get sweets and had dinner there. CHIA LETS MEET UP AGAIN SOON!

I wish time can move like a snail. :D BYE!

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