Friday, January 8, 2010

ytd was kite day with yx and chloe! Had lots of fun!
watch sherlock holmes with then early in the morning at cine.
Didnt really like that movie at first but it was not bad actually(:
so after the movie we bought finger food at BK and headed to marina barrage.

it was drizzling when we reached there, but luckily it stop not long later
considering that we are first timers, we did quite well :D
it was super fun luh! and that eagle fellow kite was so damn high! jealous jealous.
the weather was so damn warm! Am afraid that i will get sun burn.

Had dinner at marina square's Hans. Food was okay.
i was the first to finish okay and i ate till very clean!
chloe had to slowly eat bcos of her braces, man i can understand how you feel
talking abt braces, yx randomly asked a question that caused her to blush like hell
and me and chloe laugh until cant stop! someone's theory of kissing is to feel the teeth
haha okay lah i wont elaborate. :X

Headed to esplanade, waited for yx's parents, and homed with chloe frm tpy mrt :D

while waiting for the rain to stop

trying out :P

resting time!

not bad okay!

trying to do crazy stuff before the holidays endddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssss!

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