Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So hows the first few days in sch? hahas!
am so glad i dont have to be in sch, anyways first few days are the hair checking
and stuff isnt it?
the O's results are coming out SOON, like next week, hate it so much!
i'll be so disappointed if i cant get into whr i wanted, i studied real hard but when i was
doing the paper it doesnt seemed so. Daddy will be more disappointed ):
i didnt regret for not studying more cos i think i tried my best already
o levels are CRAP those days were like hell.
Miracles dont happen twice, i used mine up during PSLE i doubt there will be a second time.
so wish me many many luck :D

So back to wat i wanted to say,
my this week was very nice :D so far,
i watch princess and the frog + molester scene during movie! HAHA!
bad uncle i hope he is caught for his wrong doings, i almost ran to catch him okay!
*blinks blinks* i a kind singaporean! ( kidding lah )
but come to think of it i wasnt his match anyway :X

And today, me and yx went to
LILI PUTT, mini golf if you dont know wat it is. heh we took a bus and a 4 dollar fare of cab there.
there wasnt much ppl but it was an advantage cos we got more time. hehe
there were two caucasians there too, mother and son
that lady was so kind and asked me and yx if we needed someone to help us take pictures before they wanted to leave. so nice right!
ate carl's jr later on, the service was kinda bad and the workers, i dont wish to elaborate.
big burger which i cant finish, makin me so afraid of burgers now.
cabbed to 313, walked to central, taka, and to yx's hse.

movie and kite kite tmr :D
hope renee is well to join us! get well soon(:

pictures are actually backwards :X

pretty socks we brought to enter lili putt

merlion, last stop, golf ball is returned :(

statue no 4.! ha!

sentosa scene (i think)

hapa villa, i dont know how to spell
fake chicken rice, so real!
mini hawker center
the zoo scene
bird park!

suntec, purple mine, blue yx's

the MRT transports our golf ball :P

idk whr is this scene

science center scene

airport :D

TADAH end!

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