Sunday, January 10, 2010

Partyyyy at cherie's hse on sat. Celebrate renee's bday.
miss all of them! mostly the two one ppl :D HAHA!
hope renee like the present me and yx made for her hehe
played games took alittle alcohol yucks! but was fun(:

And i received presents from them! So funny it wasnt my bday.
Duper cute stitch gloves from renee ( iwont bear to wear them)
Super super cute stitch clip from cherie too!
And a stitch hp pouch for jeremy! (: THANKS LOTS!
got a bday kiss from the bday girl heh
went home with yx early cos it was a long way back for her
and in the end her mum fetch her wth! i took a bus home myself!

spot the clip on my head :D

the 6 of us :D Love them plenty!

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