Sunday, December 25, 2011


Day 2 at chatuchak was more enjoyable. The day didn't started well, the stupiak tuk tuk uncle! Hello! if you are bringing us to the jewel place so you can earn 200 baht voucher, firstly, you should only charge us 20 baht for the tuk tuk ride and not 100! >:[ And he also dropped us at the part of chatuchak where there is like nth much and things are so expensive! Chatuchak is super huge luh! We walked for like more than half a day and we didnt really got much things and it was boring cos the section that we happen to be left at were selling mostly boring stuffs. It was kinda disappointing cos we thought that chatuchak was that boring and we could finish walking in like less than a day. So we went for the nearest shopping centre to have our late lunch. Yx didn't give up sia, she went to ask the auntie where she bought a gift from her mum and asked her which part of chatuchak sells clothes, and the kind lady took out a map and pointed to us giving us direction. It was then we realized we were at the totally wrong section! >:(

Then we head back to the correct place and left only when the day was dark. There was this shop that i really liked, it sells those vintage shirts that probably no one would appreciates. Yx called it the vin-ta-gy shirt. HAHA! from there we bought i think 9 shirts in total? Bulk purchase gave us quantity discount :P Not to mention we went back to get a few more pieces. Definitely my fav shop in bkk.

In the stupiak tuk tuk >:(

I was planning on smuggling these puppies, they are super cute!!!! Really can't resist. I was thinking that maybe i can hide them in my luggage since the flight is only two hours. Oh well :(
You can never get such cute pups at this price is sg :(

LOL LOL LOL yx look like some mafia :X and you can see my anti mozzie patch on my shorts. There wasn't many mozzie though, just using it cos i brought it along :>
Was boasting about this shot, i took it okay! and the iced drink was super nice especially in such warm weather!

The loots of day two for the three of us. My sis usually gets the most stuffs.


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