Saturday, December 24, 2011


I've been back from bkk for a few days now, so I'm trying to blog about it. Had a hard time uploading the photos so i got lazy in the end only took out a few of them. Bangkok on a summary was okay, it was the first time me and yx went overseas together though :D Shopping was alright, things aint really that cheap either. Food was quite good for most of the days. The things that i really don't like about there is that the people there are freaking rude for most! Excluding the hotel people of course. They don't say excuse me, sorry or even thank you. Which is super irritating when it happens too many times. Out of the few tuk tuk or taxis we took, some tried to cheat our money or drove us to places which are near but not exactly our destination. Most of the time we are willing to pay just because it was night time already and we had no choice.

We went to platinum mall on the first day, which many ppl told us to go. After going to chatuchak i thought platinum mall was just okay. The things sold at platinum mall are so much more expensive. We spent the whole day there shopping, but in the end, me and yx didn't get much stuffs on day one. I think less than 10? We tried to walk back to our hotel at night, my sis act smart want to walk w/o even looking at the map and tried to walk by her gut feeling. Retarded much. We ended up calling the the hotel to pick us up by the hotel tuk tuk.

Mango sticky rice was fantastic there!

Dinner was street stalls by our hotel. The food was good especially the tom yam soup made by the tom yam uncle. He's super friendly and its not like tom yam being pre-made or something like that. You just choose your ingredients you want and he will make everything from the start.
We had it like everyday there. :> Oh! And also the chicken wings from the aunty that speaks chinese. We also had pad thai and fried rice often when we are in bangkok.

Uploading the photos is just so troublesome, I have more photos for day two and three cos we went to chatuchak though. Till next time! :D

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