Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day is bad cos its today, hahas but anyway
happy chinese new year ppl and valentines day too. And JACQ happy birthday!

okay, so the day in jc passes quickly, you guys will nvr like the life of jc
im getting sick of it now, stupid teacher chose me as PE rap!
please lah can someone tell her wat i do during pe everytime ><
im gonna mug hard in jc life i dont care if ppl says im kaisu or wat.

anyway, met yx on fri, saw joey and amanda too,
complained stuffs to yx abt my sch hahaha! i guess she noes me best
anyway i tried to do last min shopping that day but didnt manage to buy anything
however, i manage to buy my only new year clothes ytd! HA!

okay lah bye ppl
ps. i dont really like my sch, even uncle says i shld go poly cos i could go like every course >:/

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