Saturday, January 30, 2010

YJ is kinda fun, i mean whose orientation wont be fun.
but i still hope some other schools may accept me, but i have advantages
in YJ too, but i really hope someone will call meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ):

orientation really wears me out! i fell asleep at 9plus after day one
but i still had double eyelid the nice day ( means lack of sleep)
awwwwwww tmr is sun means tmr tmr will have schhhhhhhhh!
i made friends but we will be separating next week so no point
i hate jc life! i cant imagine myself for next 1 year plus!
im taking P.C.M.E, clara is actually a science girl LOL im so gonna DIE!
(im so regretting it already)

anyway today went out with noisy yx cos we wanted to look for stuffs
she blamed me for getting ice cream on her hair!
super tired! me hate hate hate hate school im so used to holidays!

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