Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SMILE FROM WITHIN is officially over.

Been very very sick for like 4 days so skipped the rehearsals and stuffs and there on the actual day. Very sorry yea? ><
Kinda screw up my part for states of nature, i dont know why either its my most confident dance item. probably cos i was having a bad headache by then.
After that dance item i felt super uncomfortable :(
ytd was my medicine, mint sweets and medicated oil all the way to like sort of keep me 'alive'
plus the back stage was freezing! Anyway its was sucessful right?
helped the juniors with their makeup cos we were like free
pictures another day and sorry for the last min of passing of tickets!
anyway, thanks for those who cared for me ytd! :D

BAD, i will be starting work tmr at shangri-la hotel
wish me luck!

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