Saturday, December 19, 2009

im finally blogging!
well, at least i got time now cos i quit my job at shangri-la.
i earned 85 bucks! LOL
working there was quite fun, cos the eating of snacks while packing and stuffs
but i just didnt like it so i quit.
anyway im finally posting pictures from smile from within,
cos i was sick that day all my pictures were mostly me siting down resting.

back track abit,
On thursday
went science center with yx on thu
super packed with ppl! wasnt expecting that kind of crowd.
anyway yx said it was boring but i think it was okay
after that went yx hse to slack a little then dinner with :D

On Friday
i was 'forced' to go yx hse to make steam cake
hahas just kidding lah i kinda didnt wanna go but she convinced me to go
product of steam cake with close to perfect!
yx daddy said it was very nice :D hee!
watch a little bit of titanic there too
then went movie with 'big smiles' and the friends

pictures are a little messy but here you go! (:



yx wants to prove that her shirt had turn from yellow to white

postcards! :D

DNA! we were recalling stuffs there!

prettaye shadows!

we are in tv!

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