Thursday, December 1, 2011

This time, i'll be bulletproof

I've came to revive this space! :>
Well,since school's out i believe my life would be very much happier. Feels like a huge burden has just got off my shoulders. Not to talk about my a levels, shall just worry about it next year, anyways whats done cannot be undone. And i believe i tried my best. Optimistic much, but still sigh.

Anyway, i meet crazy girl chia yun xin ytd! Like finally, we no longer have to meet to study anymore. But i do get very lazy to go anywhere though. Our dressing crash like omgosh >< LOL!
Feast on MOS burger! I treat her okay! Nicest BFF ever, but also to thank her. Walked around town, and smart me never fail to bring an umbrella. But we still got kinda drenched though. Chia yun xin is damn vulgar!! HAHAHA i wanted to post a gif but idk how to, I'm still not used to using mac though. Idk what to say already. LOL BYE!


My hair doesn't look red in the pictures i wonder why. But yx say its kinda more red at the top. I guessed its because my younger cousin had a hard time washing my hair so prolly the dye wasn't properly washed off. She's damn cute when she help me wash and blow dry my hair and telling me what she wanna do in the future when she like primary 5.

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