Friday, April 22, 2011

Never gonna make it


School is so freaking demoralising. Ive got nothing to say cos i have been studying every single day. Whether if it is productive or not, idk either. FML. I feel like a freaking no life jc student. Anyway, im so glad we finally have a longer weekend. Prolly long enough for me to catch up abit more of school stuffs. Please let me pass my module exam for stats! :( i spent tremendous hardwork and effort in it.

Met chia yunxin last weekend to study in the evening. I like the environment there, i felt that it was quite productive. We did some catch up and stuffs, camwhore as usual after like finishing a few hours of studying(?) It was very convenient to go home from there. As usual, my bus always came first :D

Okay now back to my half written essay. Bye!

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