Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life goes on,

School has been a bitch, time is passing super slow during weekdays but its super fast during the weekends. It's so irritating. I realised that i cant tahan two hours lessons or tutorial anymore. Thats a really really bad sign cos i will either stone or zone out!! And miss out what the teachers are talking! Anyway, I hope this week wont be a bad one, probably some mood swings cos im getting back my results i guess. :( I cant help but to still hope for abit better results despite knowing what I've done. I meet yx and chloe and thursday, to satisfy yx's craving we went to eat astons and drink gong cha. Everyone was late! Had to go home early cos i've got homework undone and i was freaking exhausted, idk why. School is really really draining me out.

Why isit sunday today! how i wish it was friday or something.. Okay, back to reality, school still starts at 7 30 tmr, bloody cheater school. Urgh! && I lost my chemistry tutorial for chem energetics which got me really really upset! Super heartpain cos i spent a long long time doing it last year ): I think im going bonkers HA.HA.HA BYE

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