Monday, December 13, 2010


This site is like almost dead. HAHA. Anyway, I met up with yx in the evening on sat.
We went to flea at Alcova. Pretty much a waste of time. It was raining so heavily, we barely stayed there for half an hour.

Went to orchard after that. Got our dragonyyy! :D We stood there for like how long deciding if we should get the pink or the blue one. Got the pink one in the end, a little bimbotic colour but the dragon in pink is cuter! (: Fareast after that, got some stuffs and had dinner! Randomly got our ear pierced idk why either! Madness! When leaving heeren, I wanted to take the escalator down and i didnt realised it was the up escalator. I was wonder why im so unstable until yx pulled me away! Freaking paiseh! Was laughing my head off!

Oh oh and we've got tongue tattoos! while otw to the flea.

Cute much!

Ignore my fugly red ear ><

Yx's failed attempt with lots of saliva, some on me too!

Yx's bday was last week. I bought and made stuff for her :D Including her name necklace! I like it alot heh hope you like it too! Had dinner with her family that day too. The place is super prettyyyyyyy!!!! Had a super nice dinner, the cost was probably about $300 plus plus plus right! Chia yun xin refused to tell me how much was the dinner!

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