Sunday, March 14, 2010

i hate to say this but camp is bad, real bad, that 4 days 3 nights in bintan was like torture
its like the worst camp i ever had and esp when you got the worst teacher.
i've nvr get to enjoy but only the pretty stars and nice currents in the sea,
other than that, none.
not to say abt 2 to 3am in the first night how bad was the storm
huge tents for 30 plus ppl and practically flew and collapsed and all of us were drenched.
the metal pole hit my head and i got a baluku lah!
food were BAD i mean bad as in on one day its has to be returned and the other got worm
how worst can it get?
sec3 camp's night trail was 100 times better and so was the campfire
but not forgetting to say that the only student elects performance was nice
cherie is super lucky lah!
Oh and i feel so bad for my facilitator cos i was acting like a pampered kid there
i really did not enjoy myself lah, i nvr felt so bad for a camp before.
okay enough of my rants, i need to mug
got chem test tmr
going back to amkss tmr i think?

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