Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sch's starting! ): but its okay cos ive got motivation for after sch
but i hate getting into a new environment! soooo sadddd
hahas! i wonder how life in a jc is like, hectic maybe? Very stress too.

anyway, rewinding, i went out with chloe and yx on fri
i was so late! im so sorry hahas but our kbox session was cancelled cos the place
closed down and cos chloe lost her wallet too.
luckily, there was some kind soul who returned to the bus interchange :D
so we went all the way to bukit merah bus station (from amk okay)
reached there with a great sense of achievement HAHA!
randomly took a bus to town and walked till night

& we forgot to take pictures too.
chloe! please take care of ur wallet properly cos you almost lost it twice,
and on the same day! haha(:

bye peep-ple!

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