Thursday, November 26, 2009

While everyone's having their prom night,
me and yx ended up here

Didnt regret going there lah
totally enjoyed ourselves that night, even though i was a little tired cos i had dance.
we didnt took alot of pictures because it was dark and we couldnt use flash either.
manage to take a few though
we were like super kan jiong and rush to the night show, quite nice :D
then we took the tram, walk and tram.

yx likes the otter and i like the flying squirrels
we went to the *cage * like place full of bats and ended running out less then 5 minutes.
then we went into another cage like place this time with flying squirrels :D
duper big ones when they *fly* pass us, we could feel the wind.
irritating ppl from _____ [guess urself] kept talking super louding and taking pictures with flash!

the animals there were super cute lah
tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras
only the big big ones are abit stinky i think cos of their poo poo.
only think that we regretted was we didnt walked enough yet and we didnt bring insect repellent
we were fighting big ants too
food there were super ex too!
hor fun 20 bucks, nasi bryani 15 bucks.
so we ate the cheapest fast food which also caused us 12 bucks for a meal
excluding the coke the cost 4 bucks T.T

anyways that night was a fun fun fun night! :D


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